Friday, 14 August 2009

Spinning around!

Hello all. Just a report here on what happened to me when I went to a spinning class the other day at the gym, and how I felt during and after.

I had not eaten throughout the day as I was on my "warrior" fast and the spinning class started at 6pm. I have not done a spinning class for about 10 years so I was a little nervous before as I was unsure of what my performance would be like, especially as this was a bit of an experiment in relation to the food.

However, although I found the class tough, it was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. In fact at the end of the class I felt as though I could have continued and done it again! Interesting findings I thought.

OK, I could have pushed myself harder, but I was following the instructor perfectly- as was everyone else, but everyone else was looking SHATTERED! I was keeping an eye on the effort levels of other people and they were probably working as hard as I was, some of these guys are regular to this class apparently.

This made me think that perhaps I was at a physical advantage due to my fasting during the day. Everyone else who was supping on their energy drinks were trying to prepare for the activity ahead, whereas in fact possibly the best preparation is to eat nothing.

My fasted state means that my body is in fat burning mode already. So when the exercise kicks in it is already in its optimum state to maintain this energy release consistently. In other words my body is burning fat as a fuel which is a more efficient energy to burn.

The other poor guys in there would be only using carbohydrate in the muscles, so it IS NO WONDER it would be more difficult for them to exercise and that is why I think the spinning would feel so difficult.

Listen, I am not a particularly hard core exerciser, I do some every now and again and I enjoy it, but I also like to drink and eat lots of food! However, I did feel very fit in this class and I felt as though I could continue almost indefinitely (maybe not, but hey I was feeling great!).

Based on my own findings, I wonder if we are inherently fit individuals. I wonder if exercise is actually easier then it FEELS to us. You know how when you do an exercise session it is very difficult at the start but then gets easier? Well I think we are meant to start into the easy part. And we would do this by exercising in a fasted state.

What do you think?