Sunday, 4 October 2009

6 week cure for the middle aged middle

I just got hold of the latest book by Protein Power authors, Dr.s Michael and Mary Eades. Its called the 6 week cure for the middle aged middle.

The book details why in middle age people tend to have bellies despite being slim overall. It details why our eating and drinking habits are playing havoc with our hormones and causing fat to be deposited where it ain't supposed to be!

I also discovered how saturated fat can actively trim your middle, why the "eat less exercise more" prescription fails-and what to do about it and how to fight the fat stored inside your liver that leads to hard-to-lose middle body flab.

In my own experience, I have always had a belly despite being slim overall. I have lean arms and legs, but my belly looks like it has been inflated at times! One of the major culprits is caffeine. Excessive caffeine consumption can increase cortisol which you may be aware can increase fat gain.

Although I am only 29 I am going to give this a go for 6 weeks. Weeks 1&2 is about giving you liver a rest throughout the day by drinking protein shakes only and then having one meal at night.

I am currently on day 2 of this program with NO COFFEE! Now I happily admit I am a coffee junkie (as well as a carb junkie) so this is bloody hard! I have a pounding headache and I feel like I am on withdrawal mode. Last night I am sure I dreamt about cappuccinos!

I will give you some feedback on my results. I wont be doing measurements, I will simply be giving feedback on how I feel and whether my belly reduces!

Wish me luck!