Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Coffee hell!

Hi there. Sorry I have been gone for a while, I am gonna shape up for 2010 and make sure I hit this ol'blog regularly!

Recently, I have been feeling very lethargic throughout the day at least compared to normal. Now, my diet is pretty, pretty, pretty (Larry David anyone?) good so it has been a mystery to me whats been happening. However, after reading something about Adrenal Fatigue, I decided that maybe I am an unknown sufferer.

One of the causes attributed to adrenal fatigue is excess coffee. Now, I am British and there is no people on earth who get more excited about hot beverages then us (just mention the word "tea" around any woman of a certain age in this country and see what I mean), however, I FUCKING LOVE coffee man! Not just the effect of the caffeine but the whole darn experience, the heat of the cup, the smell of it.....................Sorry back to my point. Coffee in excess can lead to adrenal fatigue, which can cause tiredness, lack of sex drive, craving of certain foods etc. And I drink 15 cups+ per day, so I am a prime candidate for this.

So today is day 5 of my caffeine free "diet". The first three days were absolute hell I have to say, with recurring severe headaches the most prominent symptom. Interestingly, I also had flu like symptoms on the second night whilst I was in bed. I checked for symptoms of caffeine withdrawl and this is a common symptom.

Anyway last night, the headaches subsided for the first time and I have to say I do feel much better and "full of beans" as my mother would say (I was often literally full of beans when I was younger-but ill save that for another day).

I will keep you posted on the long term effects of this however, I do intend to go back to drinking coffee, but purely because I want to not because I NEED to know what I mean?

Andy xx


  1. 15 cups a day and you went cold turkey? You are one brave man:) I drink less and still go crazy when I don't get my fix. Good luck with it!

  2. 15 cups? Wow. I thought I was an addict but you're the man! Good luck with that. I'm glad your main aim is to cut down rather than cut it out altogether, coffee is one of life's daily pleasures and it would be sad to deprive yourself of it altogether

  3. I drink so much coffee - if you cut me, I would bleed coffee.
    Now I take way way way too much of the stuff..
    Thinking about cutting back - following your example!

  4. Great comments thank you. I have now passed the point of self induced pain and am drinking decaff with lots of cream...yummy!