Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas struggles!

Yesterday was the first big Christmas meal of the season for us. The wife and I went to see my brother down the road in Manchester and a few of the relatives were there.

I am pleased to say I was very strong during the meal and had to withhold from the potatoes and the dessert (which was apple pie and did look very tempting!).

I have to say that I did feel guilty, turning away from the food. I think it was because when other people had made so much effort cooking it that it looks like a personal affront to their skills. I always find that I have to explain myself and go into extreme detail about my the consequences of eating carbohydrates (I believe I used the term diabetic coma). Not strictly true but I do feel like shit after eating this sort of thing. As usual there are always cries of "one potato wont hurt", which is indeed true but I don't see why I should feel like crap all day (and days after incidentally) just to appease my guilt!

By Christmas day itself, I will have to try my best to avoid Christmas pudding. This is my absolute FAVE thing for Christmas dinner. However, if you had to invent something that truly knocks me for six, this is it! My Kryptonite if you will. I have also noted with interest recently that the cream that is with it causes my face to go bright red, in fact I look like I have cleansed my face with poison Ivy!

Please don't be under the impression that I will not enjoy Christmas because of my abstinence! On the contrary, I will enjoy the feelings of being normal, by concentrating on meat, veg and fat (and maybe 1 chocolate :-)).

Merry Christmas!



  1. 要持續更新下去喲!!祝你心情愉快 .........................................

  2. Congrats, Andy,CARB JUNKIE!!How did you manage not to eat the "out of this world-home-made"Christmas Food served right in front of you?I would taste them a bit if I were you as it was a special day. However, stopping at the right time requires a lot of struggling again.Good for you! Great willpower and stamina!I have had this problem all my life.I enjoy eating a lot especially all tasty carbo junk and at last I am diabetic now.What is the top secret of this ,i mean ,keeping fit? They say "desire" is the golden key word but i do desire to get thinner.Who doesn't?If you can help me with this issue ,i will appreciate it ,I know you have some magic words or tips that make one self-determined as you are .Maybe you've written this somewhere or many times and I missed.I'll be your follower, Andy, ma powerful carbo-free bodied leader !!