Sunday, 15 November 2009

Calorie Counting Nonsense-one step forward 2 back

The latest "research" has apparently indicated that the current calorie recommendations for people are wrong!

Great news! That's what us low carbers have been saying for a long time. So, is this finally the time that those "in control" cure the obesity crisis forever and point to sugar as the real culprit? Alas no.

According to this article, the current recommendations of calorie intake are wrong and people can eat 400 calories more per day. Great. And what foods do they indicate would fill the 400 void? A cheeseburger, ice cream, an average sized cupcake.

So having realised that years of recommended calorie intake isn't working, the advice is to eat more? Brilliant! No information about choices, or macro nutrients but eat more cakes and cheeseburgers!

No wonder people are so confused!

1 comment:

  1. it blew my mind when i read that women needed about 24oo, calories a day. of course this was from a book about healing fats, that cut out sugar and such.

    the lastest advice i read on a zero carb journal was simply don't eat until famished, then eat until totally sated, rinse, repeat.

    can do, will do! :)