Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Bits and Bobs

Conquering fear

I had Sushi for the first time ever in my life this week. It was fab! I have always had a weird fear of fish for most of my life. I am certain that during my youth I was force fed some kind of weird fish and have lingering memories. Also, I used to think fish naturally had a crispy batter AKA cod n chips :-) Nevertheless, I went to a sushi restaurant and had a mix of veg and fish dishes and it was deeeeelicios.

However I still have a problem with prawns, they look at me funny, its those eyes.

Blogging for truth

The media is considered Gospel Truth by so many people it is scary. Generally until something is written in a newspaper it is not believed.

For example within my family I have been banging on for a long time about food and the truth behind low fat diets etc. I would give balanced reasoning on the science behind fat gain and the years of research, and the books on the matter and the physical evidence of people losing weight on low carb diets. However, in the paper it will say, "breakfast cereals are good for you". No evidence but a statement. But this is good enough for most people to believe WITHOUT QUESTION.

So I think blogging is absolutely brilliant because it is possible to debate the truth. Whatever your point of view on something it is possible to make your mind up based on the opinions of as many people as you like.

So basically, all us bloggers are bloody brilliant!

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  1. Got to agree about prawns, it's the eyes. Cannot under any circs bring myself to eat anything with eyes. Do not want my food looking at me. And yes, bloggers are bloody brilliant!!