Sunday, 21 June 2009

Running with Fasting

A big hello to everyone!

I'm not a massive fan of running longer distances, as I find it a little tedious but occasionally I like to get out and go for a longer jaunt. So yesterday, I donned the old trainers, vest and schoolboy socks :-)

For the first time in my life I did it after a 20ish hour fast. Now, my legs felt a bit sore/tired before I started due to a tough circuit train 2 days previously. So after about 4 minutes into it I am thinking too bloody hard, I wanna go home! But after this point I felt great and thought, hey I could continue here with no problem.

Anyway I just ended up running for about 40 minutes. I only stopped and went home because my hip muscles were getting sore as I am not used to the constant impact.

What is interesting is that normally my legs give up after about 10-15 minutes and feel drained. I believe that this is because after fasting, my body is forced to use fat as a fuel and there is lots of it!

So I personally think every now and again you should train in a fasted state as your body will adapt to it. At first it does feel weird and your legs can feel a bit wobbly and you may have to do less than you are used to but I believe it is worth it.


  1. Cool pic, by the way! Wobbly legs - no other noted effects? I rebound after an intermittent fast. Same wobbly legs!

  2. Initially no, not really. You do feel a bit knackered but I think its psychological. After a few weeks of adaptation, its fine!

  3. right after my first hard fasted workout i got serious tingles all on my face and extremities. thought i might passout. i had just started working out fasted and i had swung a weight far too heavy for my fitness level. it only took a few weeks and a more gradual increase in my training intensity and i adapted nicely. for some there is effects, but you're right they're generally short lived if you are patient with the body!