Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Everybody Say Yeah!

If you haven't seen GMTV this week, then you're missing a treat. They are presenting"the bikini diet" with the host being Mr Motivator and a personal trainer called Deanne on a cruise ship with lots of overweight women.

Now, Mr Motivator has been around for a long time and he basically does very low impact aerobics whilst shouting "everyone say yeah" intermittently every few minutes. Deanne Berry is a PT who has trained some celebrities in the UK.

OK, so the big gimmick with this diet is that they have categorised the women's into 3 groups, depending on their body shapes, pear, apple and toffy?!? Then there is supposed to be different guidelines on nutrition and exercise to effect each shape.

Now I have several issues that made my blood pressure rise.

1) Deanne is a VERY good looking woman in great shape. Although the show never actually says "this diet will make your body like Deannes", this is what is implied and why she is on the show. But, she is either naturally small OR she does not eat, or she trains bloody well hard like an athlete. Whichever it is I am pretty sure it is not doing the bikini diet.

2) The apple shape is described as being excess storage around the tummy, with increased chance of diabetes in later life. Fair enough me thinks. So obviously they will be eliminating sugar wherever it may appear right? WRONG. Apparently, as well as 3 meals a day and 2 pieces of fruit thy can have a KIT KAT as a snack. Genius.

3) Although it says you cannot spot reduce in one part of the instructions, it then goes on to give specific exercises depending on the body part. You would think the same exercises would be given to all candidates no?

4) Lots of "healthy" whole grains! arghhhhhh

I feel really sorry for the women on this show. This diet is pretty much identical to all of the ones they would have done before. They are middle aged and really enthusiastic, but you just know they will maybe lose a couple of pounds but nothing major will change. Everybody say Bullshit. :-)

While we are on the subject of GMTV (I'm not out to get them honest) they were also talking about heart disease. The good doctor, Hilary Jones is in Iceland where they have much lower heart disease incidence compared to the UK.

Why is this the case according to the doctor? They eat more heart health fruit and veg and less saturated fat. That's it is it? How about the fact that the natives of Iceland like to eat pickled rams testicles, purified shark and singed sheeps heads.

How about the fact that they eat much less processed crap and sugar than we do?


  1. Sugar - my gosh, I can't even think of wanting to go back. Everybody say Yuck!

  2. Hmm, pickled rams testicles, no thanks, think I'll pass this time. Another excellent post!

  3. Thank you! Just speaking from the heart x

  4. singed sheep heads are ok, just no starch in the reduction. lol.

    i know this rollercoaster. ive gotten on programs, six meals a day, three meals a day, pills, potions, prepackaged foods. always spinning the wheels.

    all we can do is be good examples and keep pointing these things out. i bet folks will come 'round someday.

  5. I just checked it out on their website and needless to say it is just another one of those things to make people feel guilty and ashamed. A bit like the Biggest Loser really! Hate it!

    Great post by the way!!
    M x