Sunday, 21 June 2009

What a difference a breakfast makes......

Jesus! This morning I picked up a Maccy Ds breakfast for my wife and as I was very hungry I grabbed a couple of bagels and a coffee.

Now since I have been doing the Warrior Way I have felt brilliant in the daytime when I don't eat too much and stuffing my little face at night.

After the breakfast today, I didn't feel too sluggish physically but I had a bout of anxiety around lunchtime. I had a racing heart and I was very restless, quite dramatic. I went to work around 2 and I was struggling mentally and I did feel strangely nervous. Very, very strange.

It was like my body was afraid of what I was eating!


  1. Oh that reminds me of what I would feel like if I ate that!

  2. theres seemed to be some biochemical thingy about it too. lots of stories about people, even young people who healed from anxiety attacks after going l.c. or paleo. strange biological response from some. great thought provoking post!

  3. An amazing way of saying it - your body was afraid of what you were eating...Wow!

  4. Andy this is your wife....You know my love for bacon and egg mcmuffins will never die, but im sooo proud of you for what your doing! Love you and see you tonight xx