Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Euphoria for adults

Hey loyal followers! I hope your all good.

Just a quick update about my fasted state for the past couple of days. The last time I ate was Monday night when I had a fabulous curry made for me by my lovely wife!

OK, so yesterday I was working until 9pm and I was gonna have a feast after work after fasting all day but I was delayed at work! I didn't get home until very late and by the time I got back I did not feel any hunger so didn't bother eating.

Well today I can honestly tell you that when I awoke this morning the world looked good!! I felt really alive and well and I am raring to go for the day.

Now by no means would I ever recommend doing this but my God does it feel great!

Those of you who go jogging, you know how it is difficult for the 1st 5 or 10 minutes and then it gets easier and you can continue for a surprising amount of time? Well this is because the body adapts to burning fat during the exercise and it is a more efficient abundant supply. After a while, people can experience the "runners high", an uplifting euphoric feeling, which I understand can be very addictive.
I believe that as my body has acclimatised to fat burning, that those intense feelings of happiness and energy are linked to the creation of energy in my body from the burning of fat.

I could be COMPLETELY wrong but just a thought!

Best wishes to all x


  1. You very well could be right! Glad it's going well for you!

  2. andy, this is exactly why i fast. it makes me feel great! usually the body sends out feel good endorphins when we fast or exercise as a way to pat us on the back and say "great"!

    if the exercise or fasting gets too frequent or intense, we'll feel it soon enough.

    i used to over night fast a lot. just lately ive given up coffee, so i can sleep well enough to fast over night without insomnia. coffee does not taste as good as waking up empty from time to time feels! cheers! and congrats!