Sunday, 5 July 2009

Interview success

Sorry about the delay in posting. I have been so busy in my new job I haven't found the time to put "pen to paper".

I wanted to talk about my experience with my successful interview and how I felt depending on what I ate. Of course job interviews are always nerve wracking experiences, especially if you are in a position where the job is one you REALLY want for whatever reason.

I went on around 6 interviews before I was successful and the last 3 I did in a fasted state- this wasn't a deliberate experiment by the way :-) Surprisingly, this wasn't too difficult to do because I was a little nervous anyway so didn't really feel like eating.

I found that the final 3 interviews went brilliantly. Obviously one was more successful as I got the job but I felt the other 2 were also really good.

The reason I think they were so good was because I felt "ready" for any of the questions that came to me. Of course I still had to prepare properly, and there is no substitute for that but mentally I was properly tuned in and really felt good and confident during the process.

Also, you know that kind of "negative internal monitor" we all have when we are in stressful situations? You know, like say you suddenly had to stand up and sing in front of 1000 people, you would be really aware of how your voice sounds, how you move and aware that your words are coming out all wrong? Well that "monitor" was off and I felt my words were flowing and basically I was brilliant!

So I suppose the moral of this tale is that fasting might help you REALLY focus when you are in a stressful situation and help you. Although if I had to sing in front of 1000 people, I still think I would be poo :-)


  1. the sympathetic nervous system can be a blessing in tight corners. so glad things went well for you! thats one reason i like to fast most days, the crispy feeling physically, and mentally. this will be a good asset to you on the job as well :)

  2. Brilliant is good! YAY for your hard work and good energy!