Sunday, 19 July 2009


Hi Sorry I have not been on for such a long time! My computer has been out of action and I have just got a brand spanking new one!

I have been working at my new job now for a few weeks and I am generally eating nothing during the day as I am working very hard mentally but I am doing nothing too physical. I must say I feel great and alert and like a tiger I feel great! Although Tony the tiger is probably having a hyperglycemic episode!

Some of my diet choices have not been great. This week alone some of my late night meals have included maccy ds, pizza and curry! Although last night I did have some broccoli! But generally I still feel great and full of beans.

I was watching a program the other day called the worlds best diet. There were lots of different diets from around the world and some (minor) celebrities tried them out for a while. There was Mediterranean, British and a low carb diet. Unsurprisingly, the low carb diet was the winner in terms of weight loss.

The funniest thing was though at the end of the experiment, they spoke to a dietitian to ask her opinion. Her summary was that the low carb diet is an unhealthy way of eating and is not possible to sustain long term. The best bit was that she was a BIG FAT MAMMA!! Why the bloody hell would we listen to her!

Anyway just a quick rant today.

Speak soon,


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  1. andy i have to tell you, ive combined low carb with my fasting and "whooosh!" im melting like the wicked witch on wizard of oz. lol.

    no worries about constant posting. glad to know you're out there enjoying your new regimen and keeping that sympathetic tiger groowling! best, rachel ps, theres new fastin' blogger in town, tom.

    24/24 but having great results as well!