Friday, 31 July 2009

No change

You know how when you go to the gym everyone in there always seems to stay the same shape regardless of how long they have been going there?

This is something that everyone just accepts and never questions. I know that every gym has some people who are extremely fit and have great bodies but the majority look pretty unconditioned I think.

If effort and time spent in the gym were proportional to fat lost/muscle gained then everyone would progress. It is true however that some people are genuinely happy with their current physical state and go to the gym only to stay healthy, but I believe the majority are there to change.

I believe the problems come not only from the activity being done in the gym but also what the people take inside them before and after a workout.

I have seen obese people eating an energy bar before a workout, doing some cardio for 20 minutes and then drinking gatorade afterwards. This is where people are going seriously wrong. They believe they are taxing themselves to such an extent that they need this energy release to assist them through the exercise.


As ever, it is a hormone cascade that results in our bodies changing shape for good or for bad.

Bearing this in mind, I am going to see if it possible to burn fat and build lean muscle by spending no more that 30 minutes in the gym 3 times per week. I believe this is plenty of time as I will be doing big muscle groups only (no triceps dips!)

Where possible I will be working out fasted, or at least not eaten for a few hours. I will document all the activity on here and let you know the results.

Best wishes,



  1. one blogger commented on the travesty at kids sports nowadays. at how from the very first of the game they are swigging gatorade. liquid candy laced with salt basically. the older gentleman was considering his atheletic school days where plain ole water was the major intake, unless someone started getting tapped out.

    i try to workout as close to 12hrs fast as possible. id just rather be using fatty acids off my behind than gatorade to workout on! great post andy :)

  2. I often wonder the same thing. A bottle of Gatorade or even worse, a huge can of Monster Energy Drink. Dumping 60-80g of sugar into your system as one is supposed to be in the process of elevating HGH is beyond me. Then again, knowledge is power. Great post!


  3. well my neighbor thinks I am punishing my kids by not buying them juice and Capri Suns!!!!

  4. Great picture Andy! And you are so right.

  5. Interesting read little bother.

    I love the ones so spend 5 mins on the treadmill on snail speed then jump on the scales after.