Thursday, 23 April 2009

Anti-Estrogenic Diet. day 1

OK, so here is the first day of the diet.

The first part of the diet is the liver detox. You eliminate entirely from your diet all estrogen stimulating food and eat anti-estrogenic food.

You under eat during the day to help detox the liver and then eat the biggest meal at night.

I will be eating from "low down in the food chain" as Ori says and eating organic where possible.

So for breakfast I had a green tea and an orange
For Lunch I had a green salad with spinach and lettuce and tomatoes, and some organic feta.
For dinner I had:
a large bowl of broccoli, garlic and carrots, chick peas and onion and 5 eggs, and some more feta.

It is now 10:30pm and I feel full, satisfied and nice and light.

I will let you know how I feel in the morning.

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