Thursday, 23 April 2009

Anti-Estrogenic Diet.

I have finished reading Ori Hofmeklers books The Anti-Estrogenic Diet and I really enjoyed it. Not least because it is refreshing to read something that is completely new and ground-breaking.

I have never before heard of the potential problems that estrogen could be causing the body. However, Ori lists the chemicals and additives that are in foods and it makes scary reading!

He says that our bodies are being overloaded with estrogen producing chemicals and are making us fat and sick and is causing the feminisation of mankind! Also we only eat female meat (overfed), so there is no balance of male and female hormones entering our sytem

After an initial week long detox you then progress onto a more fat based diet, again for a week. This trains your body to utilise fat for fuel.

Then in the third week you start to introduce foods back into your diet (meat, bread pasta) noting how you feel. However, the primary foods are still the anti-estrogen foods and are the staple of the diet.

I like this book a lot as it is very similar to a 90% paleo diet, albeit with a more specific approach to the foods. Although it sounds complicated, it is easy once you past week 3.

I am looking forward to trying this and to share my findings!

Happy eating!

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