Sunday, 28 November 2010

30 Day paleo challenge day 19

firstly this is the longest I have ever gone without eating dairy or grains etc. I would say that now it has become a good natural habit to eat in this fashion.

So far I have not been watching my portion sizes in any major way. I think that myself like many people just need to "reset" my metabolism before worrying about calorific intake. Although this is not massively important, I am talking about long term "fine tuning"

An interesting finding is that I am now very good at feeling the effects of certain foods when I eat them. Its almost as if my internal monitor is much better at reporting any main issues - if that makes sense. Like I had too much fat last night which made me tired this morning and not feek optimal.

This is the beauty of doing the 30 day challenge because you can find out exactly what hits your buttons and what does not.

I had a cracking salad when I went out yesterday but I asked for no dressing as I'm not sure what is gluten free and what is not. However the idiots put some kind of dressing on which I had to send back. The moral is always check before you eat.

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