Saturday, 13 November 2010

30 day paleo 3

Last night was the first night in ages that I slept all the way through. I am normally a very light sleeper and the merest noise will awaken me. However, I slept very well last night and woke up feeling more refreshed than normal which is probably due to the effect cortisol has on me.

Normally, cortisol is high in the morning- so you want to get up and do things (like hunt, eat and survive the commute to work), and low at night so you wind down and want to sleep. However, if you have a reverse cortisol profile the opposite tends to be the case. You wake up in the morning feeling like crap (low cortisol) and at night when you want to sleep you get a"second wind" sensation (high cortisol).

I think that if my cortisol is sorting itself out, my sleep will start to get even better but lets see shall we.....

On another note I tried Salmon for the first time today for my lunch. I have had an irrational fear of fish for some time now and I just couldn't bring myself to eat it. The rather unique smell pre-cooking was what probably did it. It helps that it is filleted as it is always easier to eat something that you dont recognise as being a living creature.

Whilst in BHS (homeware shop) I got my first big craving for coffee as I walked past the cafe. The smell of coffee was overwhelming and at one point I was tempted to distract my wife with the bedding section and then make a run for it and get a cheeky espresso. However, to maintain my dignity I managed to restrain myself and leave the shop and go home and have a nice green tea (bah!)

Breakfast= Scrambled eggs and walnuts
Lunch = Salmon
Dinner = Gluten Free Sausages with broccoli and cabbage

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