Sunday, 14 November 2010

30 day paleo 4 and 5

Today is now day 5 of the paleo challenge. Last night I made a delicious paleo curry with pumpkin and grass fed minced beef which you can see on the right there.

I would say that one of the biggest differences I can see so far is the sleep thing. As I said before I am certainly getting better sleep and seem to be going deeper and deeper into slumberland. This morning I also seemed to wake up a little earlier and still be refreshed.

I attribute this mostly to the lack of caffeine I am now having. I have moved onto Chinese Tea which is a great substitute and healthy too!

Generally feeling excellent and "clean". Energy levels are constant and I was "itching" to go an exercise yesterday- a novel feeling indeed.

Exercise wise which I have not mentioned as yet has been a gradual beginning. I have been doing exercise off and on recently but the problem has been having enough energy to 1) be arsed and 2) progress and develop my fitness. So this week I have done three consecutive days of exercise so today I have been resting.

Day 1 was simply 4x hard runs for 1 minute with 2 minutes rest. Day 2 was a 1 hour hike with a heavy backpack and day 4 was skipping sprints 4x 1minute with 2 minute rest.

Thought for the day.....
Next time you are in a public place have a look around at how many people you see who are "well". By well I mean vibrant, slim and healthy looking. You will see (certainly in the UK) that there are few people who even come close to this. Indeed, it seems that especially the older folks are alive but not living, if you know what I mean

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  1. Great to have you blogging again, Andy. Good luck with the challenge! I don't think I could do it though - no coffee? The longest I have lasted is six days. I must get hold of Rob Wolf's book, it is getting rave reviews. Now I'm just off to make my morning pot of espresso ... hee hee!