Thursday, 7 May 2009

Anti-Estrogenic/warrior Diet update

Well its been 2 weeks since I started the diet and I must say I am feeling great. I feel like a warrior already!

Week 2 is all about eating fat based diet and getting your body burning fat as a fuel instead of carbs.

I have completely gotten used to the under eating phase during the day and now I hardly feel any desire for food in the daytime. At first, its all you think about especially as you go past lunchtime but it soon becomes a normal part of the day! I I think the habit of eating 3+ times per day makes you feel "time" hunger as opposed to real hunger. Its really refreshing to be free of food and not to feel the need to refuel every 3 hours.

A great side effect of this eating is that I can REALLY taste my food now when I eat it. My taste buds seem much more responsive and food just tastes fab!

Week 3 is the introduction of previously forbidden foods like meat, bread and pasta. Tonight I have eaten some chilli and will record how it makes me feel in the morning.

Not sure if I feel any more manly on this diet. After all I am already a vibrant twenty something peak specimen of a man grrrrrrrrr!!!!!


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  2. Will you be introducing carbs like bread and pasta?

  3. That is brilliant Andy!
    Keep us updated!

  4. I generally wont be eating those foods but it will be interesting to see how I feel after eating them.

    When I go out for a meal though and I have a pizza or something then I will know how to build my food around it.

    Interestingly last night I had some meat and I felt a bit groggy this morning compared to my purely vegetarian days.

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