Thursday, 14 May 2009

Snap Crackle and Pop

An article in the Brit newspapers today reported that a study by scientists in Texas have shown that breakfast cereal with milk is superior to sports drinks as a post recovery work out meal.

Apparently, the cereal caused a greater insulin response than the sports drinks which- quoting the paper- "is a good thing".

I have no doubt that it is better that Gatorade or Lucozade, but my concern here is that report is assuming that well known high carb sports drinks are "the gold standard" in exercise recovery.

I believe that the best thing post workout is all natural protein sources and some carbohydrate in the form of fruit or starch. HOWEVER...... This would all depend on the INTENSITY of my workout.

Often the aim of the workouts is to burn fat and people will be doing long steady cardio and their muscles will only deplete minimally. They then believe that they need to "replenish the engine".

It worries me when I read these sorts of things because it is a "page from the book", but not the whole story.

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