Friday, 29 May 2009

Junk Food Experiment

OK. I have been feeling pretty good recently and have not had much hunger during the daytime. Sometimes when your feeling good, it becomes normal and you don't appreciate it as much as you should. Kind of like how you don't appreciate your health until you get sick.

So I wanted to see what effect eating a load of junk food-specifically high carb and sugar foods would have on me today. Whether my warrior diet would protect me against the effect of these foods or not. I therefore ate some Naan bread, normal bread and several chocolate biscuits.

Within about 45mins of eating I was HUNGRY again! Honestly if I wasn't interrupted by sleep I could have continued all night I reckon.

Today I feel like I am mentally challenged. I went to the supermarket this morning and had trouble working the tills! I am also very hungry and I can feel my body craving for nutrients. Normally I don't even think about food until lunch time.

OK so this is not really a major surprise "man eats crap and feels it", isn't going to make the front page. However from a personal point of view its great for me to remind myself of why I eat and live the way I do. Its also a great reminder for me to feel how low fat dieters must feel all day long. Its like having a hungry monster inside you ready to hunt down the cookies!


  1. Wow. Thanks for the report! I'm sort of in the opposite situation - eating crap normally then taking small breaks of eating correctly, therefore feeling crap then feeling great for a short time. Good for you for having it right!!

  2. Hi Andy,
    I came accross your blog thru 45 & aspiring...I also feel as a carb addict!& for a year now, after gaining back 15 of the 22 lbs lost I feel sooo tired all the time that I cannot get on the shape that I was!!! Part of me being tired is the fact that I found out how severrely anemic I was, so I am working on getting my iron levels backs to normal...I know that I have to start somewhere...I just feel that I don't have now what it takes to get back in shape!!! Any advise?

  3. Well done Andy, we appreciate your sacrifice in the name of science :)!! Yes, not really a surprise, is it. Eat crap, feel like crap. But it's a very hard concept for most people, because they firmly believe that what they are eating is healthy. Boudica, just keep on trying to eliminate the crap, one day at a time. It takes a while to make the transition.

  4. So true. It really is an awful feeling. Luckily, I do find that it is easier to bounce back now when I do slip (or at least I am more aware of not falling into that negative eat carbs and more carbs cycle).

  5. Boudicia- Thanks for the comment!I appreciate your honesty! I agree with Judith on this one. Every journey starts with a single step- as a famous Chinese philospher once said (or possibly my mother).

    Silvy- Yes I am sure I can help you. If you want you can email me at and let me know what your eating at the moment, then I can tell you what I did. You DO have what it takes I can assure you!

    Judith- Yes someone had to do it. The scary thing was though how quickly my body turned back to its old desires. A bit like an alcoholic once he has a drink I guess.

    Primal Mama- I am more aware of the contrast between the good and bad feelings- and also the slight feeling of anxiety that I have too. Weird!

  6. I've just gotten off a four day crap fest and my muscles and joints are sore, I have a stonking headache, and some interesting sinus issues are back that I had never even attributed to grain/sugar intake! Now I know. I guess my crap-fest taught me something!

    Time to detox now - the withdrawal is going to be a BITCH. *sigh*

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